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Are you looking for someone to help you look your best on your wedding day?
Do you have a modeling photoshoot coming up?
Or maybe you're looking for a great activity for a hens party?

Find out about our Bridal services, Special Events, and Lessons below!

Bridal Services

The special day has finally arrived, the morning is so much fun. We are always punctual and excited to get the morning underway, we bring all our own equipment and products in preparation to make you look and feel fabulous. To ensure you and your bridal party are ready, we work around your photographer.

We ask everyone to have dry hair and no makeup and no heavy moisturiser or eye creams.

A few tips for the morning to make it run smoothly:

  • The room/area for the hair and makeup to have natural light and a table and chair with a power point. We bring along a makeup chair and mirrors and extension leads.
  • Straws are great to use to keep the lipstick intact.
  • We are seeing more brides wearing matching robes which are comfortable and can be taken off without messing up the hair and makeup, or just wear a comfortable button up top.
  • We hope you don't need it but have a small emergency kit prepared, water, band aids, heel pads, mints, cotton buds, facial blotting paper, tissues, mineral sunscreen, sewing kit, panadol and safety pins just a few ideas.
  • We can supply you with a makeup touch up pack, designed especially for you this includes matting powder, 2 eye shadows and lipstick, cotton buds and bobby pins, at a cost of $50.

So get the chill out music playing and enjoy the morning with your ladies

Makeup Range

We carry our own professional Lush makeup range in large and small compacts. Our compacts are a customised magnetic palette system, suitable for all skin types so we can individualise and provide refills for your lips, eyes and face.

Our small compacts are an ideal size for travel, handbag or touch up packs with four pans or one large pan.

Cost $50

Our large pans have seven different configurations of small and large pans. The pans are able to carry your foundation, powder, bronzer, blush eyeshadow and lipsticks.

Cost $165

So book an individual or group session so we can customise you a palette.


We enjoy sharing our tips and tricks with you through our individual and group sessions.

Our makeup lessons will help you enhance your look and bring out your best features. Most people use makeup on a daily basis, but few know how to harness it to create a stunning unique look.

We can offer individual lessons or group lessons.

For the individual and group lesson we encourage you to bring along your makeup and makeup brushes. Your individual session will take around 90 minutes. For group sessions allow a couple of hours.

Sessions will cover the following:

  • Finding the correct foundation to suit your complexion
  • Learn how to create amazing eyes
  • Recommend lip colours
  • Correct use of brushes and accessories
  • How to apply false lashes

Everyone will take home their own personal face map to recreate the look yourself.

For group sessions one person will be the model in the chair, whilst everyone else recreates the look on themselves. Using a combination of our products and yours.